Advisory Panel

Bill Moss AO

Bill Moss AO is a well-respected and highly regarded Australian businessman and philanthropist.

Bill’s business career has extended over 40 years in the areas of Banking, Real Estate, Funds Management, Energy, Tourism and Leisure, Medical Research and Business Investments.

Bill spent 23 years as a senior executive and Executive Director with Macquarie Group, where he founded Macquarie’s Banking and Real Estate Group which managed or financed over 30 billion dollars of real estate globally. Bill was responsible for building Macquarie businesses in mortgage securitization, property finance, real estate, funds managements, tourism and leisure throughout China, India, USA, Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, The United Kingdom, Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

At Macquarie, Bill was a director of 8 listed funds management entities and over 50 unlisted trust with assets located around the world. Since leaving Macquarie in 2006 Bill has been a director of three listed companies in the areas of Funds Management, Mining and Energy. Bill is Chairman and Founder of the Boston Group of companies which are involved in energy, real state and tourism.

Bill is Chairman and Founder of The FSHD Global Research Foundation and has had a long history in Indigenous affairs having advised and invested in Indigenous projects.

M. Stanley Whittingham
Distinguished Professor

Professor Whittingham has over four decades of experience in the Lithium-ion battery industry and is best known for being the inventor of the Lithium-ion battery technology which earned him a nomination for the Nobel Science Prize.

During his illustrious career Professor Whittingham has headed large projects for the US Department of Energy, Exxon and Schlumberger. He has 16 US patents and has been involved in writing over 300 pieces of scientific and engineering literature.

Currently, Professor Whittingham is a Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and a Director of both the Materials Research and Materials Science and Engineering program at Binghamton University which is part of the State University of New York. Professor Whittingham is also Director of the Northeast Center for Chemical Energy Storage (NECCES), which is an effort being led by Binghamton University, and includes as partners Rutgers University, Argonne National Laboratory, Cambridge University, MIT, University of Michigan, University of Illinois at Chicago, University of California at Berkeley, San Diego and Santa Barbara.

Dr Ulrich Helmut Bez

During his career Dr Bez was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Aston Martin between 2000 and 2014.  During that period Dr Bez has been internationally acclaimed for turning Aston Martin into the global luxury brand that it is today.

Dr Bez has played an important role in shaping global powerhouses Porsche and BMW.  In Porsche Dr Bez kept the iconic Porsche 911 alive with the 993 development, ignoring the Boards desire to replace the 911.  He led the design and development of the 911 Turbo along with many other models while in BMW he created the BMW Technik GmbH division which included the design of the critically acclaimed Z1 model.

Dr Bez has also held director level roles with the likes of Daewoo and has been an advisor of some of the world’s largest automotive organisations.

Dr Shailesh Upreti

Dr Upreti is an expert in energy storage technology and former member of the US Department of Energy’s Frontier Research Center at Binghamton University in New York.

He holds multiple technology patents and is published in 70 international journals and holds multiple US patents and their foreign equivalents in more than 30 countries. He has worked with the New York State Energy Research and Development Agency and the US Army’s Research Development and Engineering Command.

Dr. Upreti has nearly 20 years of extensive business experience in the Lithium- ion industry which includes bringing new products to market, business development, lithium-ion supply chain and industry networking, downstream processing, and investigating organizational performance gaps.

Recently Dr Upreti won the prestigious 76West Clean energy competition. The competition boasts the largest clean energy innovation prize worldwide.

Dr Frank Houllis

Dr Houllis is an expert in metallurgical processing which has earnt him much praise and success through his career.

With over 25 years of experience in the development and engineering of metallurgical processes in a wide range of resource projects locally and overseas including graphite, lithium, uranium, rare earths and base metals.

Dr Houllis has worked in senior executive positions for the likes of BHP Billiton and ANSTO.

Corey Cooney

Corey has played an integral role in the establishment and development of a number of organisations operating across the Asia Pacific region for over 14 years in the Property, Finance and Energy Sectors. Corey has been involved in real estate projects with gross realisable values in excess of 5 Billion AUD throughout Australasia.

Corey is an Executive Director of Boston Global. Boston Global is a boutique ethical Investment house specialising in the fields of Real Estate, Energy, Indigenous Empowerment, Leisure and Tourism. Boston Global works with Government, Institutional Investors and Private Enterprise.   

Corey is also an Executive Director of the China Venture Group where he is an integral part of the Property, Infrastructure and Funds Management Divisions. The China Venture Group of Companies have been responsible for the planning and/or delivery of circa 4000 dwellings in the Sydney.   

Corey is also a Director of CV Funds Management which holds an Australian Financial Services License. CV Funds Management currently controls and manages projects in Australia worth several hundred million dollars.

Corey was a Director of Conrad Properties which is New Zealand’s largest apartment developer. Corey has been involved with Conrad for over 10 years. Corey set up Conrad’s Asian expansion strategy and distribution platform. Corey was also integral to the establishment of Conrad’s Fund Management Business.    

Corey holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Economics from the University of Sydney.